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Reviver of the martial arts philosophy


Andy Hug became the symbol for a new form of global martial arts philosophy. He conducted his fights in the sense of a spiritual fulfilment. Decisions, actions, art and career developed into a unique union throughout his journey along life's path. His inner demeanour, his versatile technical repertoire and the different methods he acquired in the course of his life all served to overcome his limitations in order then to continue his path on a higher plane.


The history of bushido, the 'inner way' of the warrior, reveals to us that change and regeneration have occurred again and again and that new possibilities have arisen for the development of mankind's creative drive. The fighter's highest ideal is to battle for a just and righteous cause. Andy's desire was to propagate martial arts throughout the world. Countless young people saw in him a role model and an idol, on whom they were able to base their own development. By means of his character and his martial arts, a connection between the occidental and oriental cultures was created, which revealed outstanding possibilities as to how different cultural needs could be networked with one another: The interaction of commerce, physical activities, entertainment, philosophy or art enabled major events to be organized, which made the values of martial arts more accessible to a wider public.


As impressive as his sporting achievements were, they are by no means representative of his whole life's work. His life elicited an extraordinary response from the media and inspired many people setting off on their path through life. Even critics of this full-contact sport were impressed time after time by the way he pursued his path with such determination, and by how authentic his appearances and his personality appeared. For the Japanese, he embodied the renewal of their own martial arts philosophy.
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