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Biography - Family


Fighting embodied the hard side of Andy's life; his loving care for his family his gentle side. He had absolutely longed for a child, because children are the future of the world. On the 18th of November 1994, Ilona and he reached the St. Anna Clinic in Lucerne: Ilona was given an oxytocic, and then followed the long wait. Early the following morning, her contractions suddenly became so strong that Ilona could hardly bear them any longer.


The doctor finally tried in vain to induce the birth using a ventouse procedure, then forceps. Ilona lost a great deal of blood At five in the afternoon the doctor decided on an emergency caesarean. Half an hour later, the happy father was bathing his little 3.85-kilogram Seya for the first time. The name means 'holy arrow' and stands for a long, happy and safe journey through life.


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