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Biography - Love


Andy had become acquainted with Ilona at a photo shoot early in the summer of 1987. This first encounter had left a big impression on him. Although Andy had been convinced since this meeting that Ilona was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen in his life, they lost touch with one another for quite some time. On the occasion of a further shoot in the autumn, their ways crossed once again and the amazing story of a deep relationship began. Andy felt intoxicated with love and inspired by the idea of winning Ilona over. Whenever two people find one another and experience the expanse of giving and taking, it can certainly be compared with Budo, the path of the martial arts: Past and future are without meaning. The only thing that counts is the infinity of the here and now.


It was actually Ilona's intention at this time to take up the modelling contract she had been offered in Los Angeles. She had already deregistered at her place of residence, given up her flat and booked her flight.


However, fate had decided otherwise. Andy asked Ilona to stay with him forever. The pair was linked from then on by an extraordinary partnership in every respect, which gave their life more strength and meaning.


Photo shoot of Andy and Ilona

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