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Biography - Childhood


Andy Hug was born on the 7th of September 1964 in Zurich, Switzerland. His father, Arthur, a foreign legionnaire in the service of France, died in mysterious circumstances in Thailand, without ever once having spoken to his son. Difficult family circumstances forced his mother, Madelaine Hug-Baumann, to pursue gainful employment; Andy seldom saw her.


Without doubt, it was fortunate that he, together with his brother Charly and sister Fabienne, was permitted to grow up with his grandparents in Wohlen in the Canton of Argovia. His grandmother therefore slipped into the role of his mother and gave him the love that a child needs for his development.


His grandfather, Herrmann Baumann, worked as a bricklayer and provided the family's upkeep. The family led a very simple life, but were otherwise happy. Grandmother was the good-hearted soul of the household and at the same time at the centre of family life. Everyone sensed that her entire vital energy was spent on ensuring the children flourish and the upkeep of the house and garden. The honesty, modesty and the interpersonal warmth that she presented as an example to the children exercised a great influence on Andy. He experienced her as a woman whose Earth Mother-like and inexhaustible strength gave him support and feelings of security. Later, as a successful fighter, he emphasized again and again that harmonious family relationships are a necessary prerequisite for producing extraordinary achievements.


His relationship with his grandfather remained fraught with tension. Frictions and differences of opinion were an everyday event. Despite this, they liked one another, each in his own way.


Andy's grandfather died while Andy was still at school. A very painful experience and probably one of his most intense emotional experiences. This loss hit him hard; he missed his grandfather and needed a longer time before he had come to terms with this loss.


Andy had a good and close relationship with his three-year-older brother Charly, who always stood by him when he needed help. Initially, his five year older sister remained somewhat more distant. Only once Andy was older, did he find new access to his sister. They discovered their relationship to be a mutual enrichment and maintained loving contact up to his death.


Andy with his mother

Andy's father (left) and grandparents

Andy (centre) with his brother Charly and sister Fabienne

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