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«Know yourself, keep yourself under control, understand yourself, steel yourself, cleanse your mind and keep your body fit!» (Andy Hug, 1997)


In contrast to his hard fighting in the ring, he was distinguished above all by his personal characteristics, such as modesty, honesty, kindness, willingness to help and sense of justice.

The harmonization of our strengths and of our awareness – and not victory over others – is the key to success. This is how it is taught by the traditional martial arts. For Andy, a fight was art – a way to unfold the strength encapsulated in his heart. He constantly developed  and improved fight combinations, impressing opponents and fans with his energetic and attractive style of fighting. 

In Japan, people also called Andy 'the typhoon', symbolizing his outward strength and inner peace. His nature gave rise to an unusual response from the media and inspired millions of people on their journeys through life.


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