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Andy Hug

7th of September 1964 to the 24th of August 2000

Life's eternal strength


Everything in the cosmos is subject to the same cyclic laws that do not stop for the fate of an individual or for that of whole cultures. Exactly a year after his funeral, Ilona and some relatives and friends returned to Andy's grave. They held a memorial service conducted by a monk. Despite feelings of grief, those present also sensed harmony and peace. They took the time to soak up the atmosphere and the intense strength embodied in the place: Fond memories and thoughts were exchanged, or people abandoned themselves to peace and meditation.


Suddenly a wind sprung up and blew gently over the terrain, but then it soon blew stronger and stronger and caused the mood to change. It was the typhoon that had been announced previously on the news, which was now making its presence clearly felt as the group slowly dispersed. Since Andy had taken the nickname of 'Typhoon' during his Kyokushinkai period, Ilona was deeply touched that on this of all days just that kind of tempest was passing through this place. She smiled, convinced that Andy had wanted to bid her farewell as she left.


Rebirth is the key to the understanding of human development. Each of life's divisions ends with a new beginning and returns to the origin of its strength, so that new ideas can be created and realized.


In life, Andy had followed his inner conviction and had put all his heart into living out his dreams. Now his soul had left his body and taken itself off to there where the waves of his life force will break on a higher shore. The inhabitants of the Okinawa islands, the site of the art of karate's origins, believe that the spirit of the dead supports people and enriches them with those powers that they needed on their journey through life. In this manner, the cycle of life endlessly repeats itself.  

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