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In the daily conflict between wisdom and art


If we can win the battle against ourselves and control the unrest within us, we will really be strong and invincible. Our life will become a work of art and we will be able to develop the same concentration that an artist possesses.

Andy defeated the world's best karate fighters, one after the other. He succeeded in this, but not primarily for reasons of intellectual ability. His experiences in training, during competitions and in the society to which he was exposed fed his personality and caused it to mature. Thus he developed his abilities in an instinctive manner and from a wisdom that he had achieved himself. Martial arts fighters understand wisdom to mean the harmony between themselves and their environment. It could also be defined as a 'fusion with the overall situation'.


For successes at so high a level of achievement, the mental training processes are just as crucial as the physical ones. Andy knew from experience that he had to concentrate in the preparatory phase on the harmonizing of all his strengths. He practised his numerous combinations in the same way that special agents or pilots practise their actions, namely for so long and so intensively until he could employ them in a well-directed manner in every imaginable situation and even when under great stress.


Weapons are a fighter's tools; Andy's were various parts of his body. The understanding that a samurai has to sharpen and look after his sword was very important to him.

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