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Andy Hug Ltd


Andy Hug Ltd was established in 2004. This company has set itself the objective of preserving the memory, life history, strength, gentle nature and will power of Andy Hug, even beyond his death. In order to implement this idea successfully, Andy Hug Ltd has taken over the protected brand names applicable to Andy Hug and had them given additional protection.


The decadent marketplace and its attendant misuse of the name or brand of Andy Hug are to be opposed using a specific company strategy and rigorous legal pursuit in cases of abuse.



Strategic objectives:



>  Long-term maintenance of Andy Hug's legacy

>  Preservation of his philosophical values

>  Worldwide fixing of the brand name

>  Rigorous implementation of the official CI/CD


The numerous enquiries from licensing partners will be selected carefully according to defined criteria. Further information can be found under 'Licensing'.
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