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Ilona Hug - Creativity is her passion


Ilona was born on the 4th of July 1964 in Lucerne. Since her childhood, it had been her dream to attend an art school. However, she decided for the time being in favour of a more stable occupation and put aside her ambition. On completing her commercial apprenticeship with excellent marks, Ilona worked for several years as a fitness trainer and model.


She became acquainted with Andy at a photo shoot in 1988. It was love at first sight. At this time, Ilona actually wanted to accept a modelling commission in the USA and had already made the necessary arrangement for moving there. However, Andy was able to convince her to stay with him and to support him in the realization of his plans.


After five years, during which they were inseparable, Ilona and Andy were married. In 1994, her longed-for wish was also fulfilled: Ilona gave birth to their son Seya.


In 1996, Andy's commitments in Japan became ever greater and the time he had with his family less and less. He encouraged Ilona to fulfil her long-cherished desire to study art and design. She moved with her son Seya to America, where she attended the Santa Monica College of Art (SMA) for two years and received the medal of honour from the renowned DAA (Design, Art and Architecture) art school after a further year's study. In her artistic activity, she mainly concentrated on pictures featuring flowers, airbrushing, photography and sculptures using materials such as marble, glass and metal.

On completing her studies, Ilona returned to Switzerland, where in 1999 she celebrated her artistic breakthrough and held exhibitions both at home and abroad.


On the 18th of September 2000 a big exhibition had been planned for the GAN gallery in Tokyo. All her works had already been packed into containers when the terrible news of Andy's illness made her forget everything else


Today, Ilona's artistic message finds its expression in the most varied of commodities such as fabrics, furniture, porcelain, scented cards etc, since she is convinced that real art should also leave its mark on everyday life.


Ilona's love of detail and her devotion to her vision bear witness not just to her excellent taste, but also to her fine sense for practical application. In her designs, she has her finger on the pulse of the age and her creations reveal an aesthetic harmony.


"Love and beauty are what remind the soul of its own nature. We feel them in our heart, they express themselves in our longings, in our smiles, in our deeds and in the whole shaping of our life, and finally also in the inspiration and the urge to create something."


"It fascinates me to work with nature's beauty, for in a rose you do not just see the bloom, but rather the whole universe."



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