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The access and usage of this Internet launch (website with its applicable pages, hereinafter referred to as 'URL(s)') will be subject to the following conditions for use, plus the relevant laws and ordinances. By accessing and using this URL, the user declares himself to be in agreement with these conditions for use, plus our general terms and conditions, which are likewise published here.


1.  Copyright / Trade marks

Provided it is not indicated otherwise, the contents of this URL, plus the arrangement of the same, are the property of Andy Hug Ltd. This does not count as obligatory for content that is referred to via links that refer to beyond the URL. The content of this URL can in no way be so designed that as a result, whether explicitly, tacitly or in any other way, a licence or copyright, patent, trade mark or other industrial property right would be transferred to a third party by Andy Hug Ltd. Without the prior written agreement of Andy Hug Ltd, neither this URL, nor the content provided within it (in particular graphical illustrations, audio and video sequences, HTML codes, buttons and text) may be copied, reprinted, published, sent out, transmitted or in any way dispersed or sold. However, the creation of a single copy is permitted for exclusively personal and non-commercial use by downloading onto a individual personal computer (to include the long-term or temporary storage on this PC, the display of the content in offline mode and the creation of paper copies of parts of the content), however, this is to be only upon the condition that the URL and its content are in no way altered by this and all references to copyrights, patents, trademarks and other industrial property rights are contained on the copies produced as well, or that an appropriate note is inserted there, provided they are only in extract form. Provided nothing is expressly declared to the contrary, Andy Hug Ltd may rely upon the fact that all information that the user provides to this URL is neither confidential nor covered by property rights. By entering this information, the user will declare that he is legally entitled to provide this information. Due to the Internet's open nature, Andy Hug Ltd recommends that no information is provided that the user regards as confidential.


2.  Exclusion of guarantees and warranties

The information on this URL, unless otherwise indicated, is provided free of charge; it merely serves for information purposes and does not imply, unless expressly indicated otherwise, any business or service relationship between the user and Andy Hug Ltd.  No guarantee or warranty is given in any shape or form (this is particularly not the case with regard to suitability for a given purpose, the existence of legal titles or the non-infringement of the rights of third parties).  Andy Hug Ltd cannot guarantee the faultless functioning of software and hardware after loading the URL. Andy Hug Ltd draws particular attention to the fact that on the Internet the correctness, completeness, confidentiality and secrecy of data cannot be guaranteed.


3.  Liability

Andy Hug Ltd will under no circumstances be liable for damage arising from or in connection with this URL or its content. Andy Hug Ltd will furthermore accept no liability in the event that a third party amends, views, takes over, uses or evaluates data entered by users or Andy Hug Ltd, or with regard to mistakes on the Internet, imported data of all kinds (smuggling in of viruses etc.) and with regard to links to and from other websites.


4.  Links

Links on this URL can refer to Internet sites that are not operated by Andy Hug Ltd. Andy Hug Ltd is making no statement in their regard and does not vouch in any way for the services or products of such third parties, nor for the content available on those sites. A reference to other Internet sites or services does not represent any approval, promotion or authorization of these Internet sites or services. The use of offers on such an Internet site or of the services offered from it can only occur at the user's own risk.


5.  Agreement with applicable law

The user will be responsible for ensuring that the established legal standards of the territory from whence he accesses the URL will be followed. He will assure that access to this URL or the usage of the information and offers contained thereupon through him do not infringe any legal norms currently in force.


6.  Legal means in the event of breach of contract

Andy Hug Ltd reserves the right, in the event of breach of these regulations, to exhaust the scope of available legal means, including the right of excluding the user from accessing the URL or not offering him certain goods and services.


7.  Access to password protected areas

The access and usage of password-protected and secure areas on this URL is limited to authorized users. Unauthorized persons, who try to access pages in this area, can be pursued through the civil or criminal courts.


8.  Amendment of regulations / applicable law

Andy Hug Ltd reserves the right to amend this disclaimer at any time.

All legal claims arising in connection with the URL or usage thereof will be subject to Swiss law to the exclusion of all others. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) will be explicitly excluded. The sole place of jurisdiction is Zug, Switzerland.


Andy Hug Ltd, June 2005

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