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The family as a spiritual force field


Ilona remembers: "Andy was sitting in the lotus position and turned away from the house in his customary place on the wooden decking of our terrace. Inside the house, his favourite music was playing. The windows and the sliding door were open, so that the flowing sounds of wind chimes energetically created a soft interplay of harmony and rhythm with each breath of air. Andy radiated a feeling of inner peace. Whenever he came home, he always sat there and meditated. This introspection was a necessity for him, so that his spirit and his body could recover."


"The attraction between a man and a woman is not just based on a superficial need, but rather it stands at the beginning of that most original of human communities, the family. It generates a force field with a deep dimension. Spiritual kinship is a term that describes perfectly the relationship between Andy and me. Feelings, thoughts and presentiments combined our personalities into a union that filled our life with meaning and drove on our development.

For Andy and me, love meant loving each other from our innermost soul and each experiencing the other in the innermost reaches of their being. His is not to be confused with the explosive experience of falling in love, where intimate proximity is mainly sought in sexual union. If the desire for sexual congress is not borne upon love, then it will hardly lead to unity. If erotic lovemaking is also spiritual love, then it is more than an orgiastic and passing union. This feeling of unity, which we both shared, did not become lost even when life had placed us in extremely different life situations. In our innermost being, we were always aware that the strong bonds within our family could not be released by anything."

Andy and Seya loved one another over everything else. The little time that Andy was able to spend with his son made him blissfully happy. In the summer, they swam together in the garden's swimming pool and forgot about everything else around them. In such moments, all problems lost their meaning for Andy. Both enjoyed these moments of happiness to the full.

Seya loved nothing so much as to indulge in fights with his father. Andy was able to attune his enormous strength exactly to Seya's age and size. The image is reminiscent of wildcats that indulge in scrapping so that the little ones discover their strength and learn how to handle it. These little fights escalated further and further, until Seya in his absolute enthusiasm had completely worked himself to a standstill. Completely out of breath, he then sat alongside his father, who with a big smile took him into his arms. Both radiated a spiritual peace.


"These images live on in Seya and in me. We want to keep them for ever in our hearts, so that Seya's personality can develop even under the present difficult circumstances and so he can carry something of his father within him later on, when he has grown up."

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