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A place of stillness and strength


Andy's ashes were deposited in Japan, in the cemetery of the Hoshuin Temple. This giant complex with its 32 temple buildings is a place of tranquillity that at the same time radiates peace and strength. The garden is a masterpiece of elegant simplicity. Only a small part of it is accessible to the public. The beauty of this place of strength causes visitors to sense a deep feeling of peace.


The temple was erected in Kyoto in 1608 in the honour of the great warrior, Toshiie Maeda. In Japanese history, Maeda symbolized important characteristics of Bushido ideals. His early death strengthened the resolve of many later samurais in taking responsibility for these ideals and causing them to be revived. In the mystical understanding of Japanese warriors, Maeda has become immortal and his spirit is like a spring, from which living samurais can draw spiritual strength. His wife Matsu had the temple built for him and was later buried there beside him.


Andy's last resting place is about ten metres in front of the graves of Toshie and Matsu Maeda. It is an extraordinary honour and an expression of the highest recognition to provide this place for Andy's urn. Since this temple is not accessible to the public, it is a real place for reflection that mirrors the grace of Japanese culture and the harmony of perfect shapes. It has an atmosphere that causes sensitive people to perceive the presence of the souls of great personalities.

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