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Memorial at the source

School Bünzmatt III, Sorenbühlweg, Wohlen CH


On the 7th of September 2004, the monument in Wohlen that Ilona Hug had created on behalf of the municipality in Andy's honour was ceremonially dedicated.

The monument consists of three parts: 

The Torso


The torso on the square's western side is working its way out of the ground. It is a figure that is breaking out and seeking to take off with all its strength. It knows that it can only be complete if it leaves its native soil and dares to venture out into the world.


The Bust


The bust at the eastern end symbolizes the journey's destination. It was there that Andy made a name for himself, before he achieved fame in Switzerland. It was only in Japan that he could fully reveal his talent and become entirely his own person

The Red Wall

East and West - both are inseparable from Andy, just as the head and the body make up a complete human being.

On the red wall, written in German, English and Japanese, is that which according to Ilona Hug constitutes Andy's significance as an athlete. The text mentions the bridge that Andy erected.

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